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* Cat-Man-DO- I originally0developed this lure to be a bobcat taker. It met those requirements but those coyotes, reds, and greys couldn't resist it either! This zingy lure has a terrific calling range, but it is blended perfectly to not overpower a predator at the set. A high dollar blend of ingredients held to our regular price.

* Cat-Man-2- This excellent all around lure is bother to Cat-Man-Do, but not as loud. This heavy musk is joined with a curiosity smell that is not only deadly on bobcat, but also on reds, greys, and coyotes.

* 200% Shellfish Plus - I'm extremely proud of this new product.I've blened a concentrated sheelfish oil along with five rare and exotic oils from both plants and animals to create this amazing aniial.

* Taos Beaver Lure - Thick, freeze-proof glands. Muskrat food lure,will take coon. Mink and rat special freeze-proof

* Red River Mink Lure - The Powerful "scents of mink" is easy to detect in my mink gland lure. Not only will this long lasting lurestop every passing mink, but it is also deadly for your canine lines.


Coon Creek - The sweet fragrance of this superior lure will catch the attention of every passing coon. A food base combine with two rare oil extracts create this masterpiece for the coon trapper. Freeze-proof and long lasting in cold or wet weather.

* Mojo - This lure offers all the basic of taking the largest majority of coon at any time during the season. A combination of coon glands and food, with special curiosity ingredients make this lure a must for the serious cooner. Use a capful, freeze-proof and good all season.

* "Blue River" Coyote Gland Lure - This high-powered lure is made of a select cutting of coyote glands not used by any other lure manufacturer. I've put it in a clear bottle so my customers can see that I've used more glands thaj any of the others. A Thick, long lasting lure that smemls like a coyote, no worthless "passion" ingredients added. Best suited for urine post, but this "scent of coyote" really improves dirt holes and flat sets too. Freeze-proof.

* "Slippery Rock " Red Fox Gland Lure- This powerful "scent of fox" is crucial for the serious fox taker. No mixture of passion ingredients here, just a lot of gland and "in heat" female fox urine blended and aged to perfection. This lure compels the fox to investigate your sets. A thick, long lasting lure that will improve your catch. Freeze-proof and good all season.

* "Pecos" Gray Vox Gland Lure - A special cutting of grey fox glands along with "in-heat" urine make up this powerfu gland lure with the serious grey fox man in mind. A 100 percent natural blend, thick and long lasting with no passion ingredients. If you're in grey fox country, don't be without this proven performer. Freeze-proof


Steppenwolfe 1- Here's my favorite lure and best seller. A high powered food base call lure that brings in fox, coyote, bobcats and coon to your land sets. Once the predator gets to your set, he'll try to eat the lure! A fur producer fall though winter, in rainy, snowy, or dry climate. a great all around fur taker. Freeze-proof.

*Steppenwolfe 2- This loud musk is considered the finest fox lure on the market by many longliners across the country. A unique three part food base., and a blend of costly exotic musks, combine to make this lure. On the best coyote season I ever had, 2 was my top lure. Freeze proof and good all season.

*Big Cheese- This aromatic lure has the zingy odor of cheese. Oringinally developed as an early season lure for fox and coyote, this one has gone on to prove itself all season long. A great all-around fur taker, this is especially effective on coons and bobcats. A seldom used food base combine with cheese gives this lure high marks on appealing to a predator's sense of curiosity and hunger. Freeze-proof.

* Big Time - This lure really developed a devoted following of predator men on both sides of this country. A Sweet blend of castors and musk that will take finicky fox and coyotes when others fail. Also a super bobcat taker. A first class lure with long lasting qualities. Freeze-proof and good all around.

* Hen's Revenge - Here's the best early season lure I've ever used for taking those finicky fall fox and coyote. A Lure the attracts all predators, especially during the transition period from a summer diet to a winter one. Use just a few drops, no bait needed.


*LDC Long Distance Call Lure. Special formulation of pure skunk and a fish grease base which contains an additional carrying agent and two secret musk smells.


Tutti-Frutti (No Dog Formula) A masterpiece for the coyote, coon, red fox and grey fox trapper in populated areas.


Mink and 'Rat Special - What's food to the mink is a gland call to the 'rat. Will call both muskarat and mink to your sets.


Glades Muskrat food call lure. The most effective smell I know of to call in the muskrat.


Ringtail Delight Coon Lure - A terrific synthetic lure for coon that stands up in the most severe weather. Takes those finicky coon.


Flint Hills Liquid Predator Bait- What I believe to be the most attractive meat for both fox and coyote is liquified by a process I perfected and freeze proofed. 4oz



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