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Molnar's Quality Animal Scents Guaranteed to improve your production. Give them a try. Available in: 1oz or 4oz glass bottles.

*Red Frenzy - Red Fox Gland Lure. The best glands used. Will make any fox investigate. Used along with Molnar's Indian Hollow predator bait makes a dynamic duo!

*Predator Call - Fox Super All Call lure. High powered long distance fox call lure.

*Canine Food - Fox Food lure. A lure that will make any canine stop for a snack. It has that certain smell with the right flavors.

*Night Prowler - Raccoon lure. A shellfish oil plus lure. Excellent on coon and mink. A fine calling lure.

*Willow Creek - Raccoon lure. Powerful yet sweet. Will lure coon from a distance. 
  Apple jelly-  Coon and Muskrat get a bursting smell of fall apples just before picking all in a medium thick base.
Coon  Jelly-very sweet thick gel type lure that will work on coon-muskrat and even beaver
Bandit Buddy- Our famous spray on scent that is burning hot sweet with its own unique smell comes in a handy 2 oz pump spray bottle that will work on coon as well as muskrat and beaver.

*Double Dose 100 - Coon and Muskrat curiosity. Highly effective and potent with a very pleasing smell. Used in marshlands and rivers. Will stand up to all conditions.

*Twisted Creek - Mink Gland lure. Powerful, properly aged for ultimate strength with a heavy base.

*Dog's Delight - Coyote Gland lure. A blend of pure coyote glands. Unlimited strength.

*Cat Power - Bobcat Gland lure. A strong lure with excellent glands. Good on red or greys too.

*Silver Streak - Grey Fox Gland lure. Nothing to say but quality on this one.
Coon syrup- yes it is exactly that  well at least it looks like syrup but coon and rats go crazy for this  thick  but potent smell

Corn Jelly- smell the midwest corn fields and you will see why the coon love this one.

*Beaver Buster - A very heavy bodied lure with a very good smell that will catch beavers. Heavy on castor.

*SFE - Synthetic Fermented Egg. Great for fox, coyote and coon. Good at scent posts.

*Blue Creek - This is one of the finest coon lures you will use. Long Distance Call will work in cold weather. Good anytime of the year. Will add many ringtails to your stretchers.

NEW! Marsh Pig Muskrat Lure - Long Lasting intense cherry scant. Great call lure.

NEW! Marsh Special - Muskrat and Raccoon thick paste lure, long reaching, waterproof base with a new smell. Take 'em by the 100's with this one.

NEW! "Premium" Raccoon Lure - You will get amazing results. Arouses raccoons, all natural and fresh.

NEW! "Water All Call"<+span> - Muskrat and Raccoon Lure. Thick paste waterproof formula. Long lasting lure will stand up to the worst weather conditions. This lure has unique ingredients that will be sure to provide you with results. Compare to Lenon's Muskrat Super All Call.

NEW! ROBUSTO XLDC - Extremely Loud Call Lure. Use for all Predators. Ideal for Cold Winter Lines!

NEW! Premium Coon Lure - Sweet Smelling Coon Lure. Loaded sith secret high quality"nbsp;ingredients!



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