Nite Lite Wizard LED Package

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Spend more time hunting and less time changing bulbs and batteries. We've taken the compact dependability of our Wizard series headlamp and supercharged the torch with powerful LED technology. LEDs offer twice the brightness of comparable incandescent bulbs and use less than half the power. Two brightness settings offer light for your walk as well as spotting coons in the tallest timber. On full power, the 6 volt gell cell battery will last for an impressive 20 hours, and when the lamp is set to dim, it will take more than 60 hours to deplete the power. When the charge does run down, the lamp will issue a strobe signal, so you'll know it's time to head back to the truck. Includes our new Lo-Pro soft twill cap with protective insert and hand-hold battery pack, so you can wear the lamp on your head or snap it to the battery for a handhelp package. Convenient belt clip also offers use as a walking lamp. Includes compact wall charger. Optional car charger (606W1) is available to power up the battery on the drive between hunts.

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