Jameson's Urban Wildlife Paste Bait

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Jameson's "Urban Wildlife" universal Catch All Paste Bait is one of our original and most versatile ADC baits. It has been used by fur trappers and Nuisance A.D.C. personnel for 25 plus years for Raccoon, Skunk, Woodchuck and Opossum. It is also very attractive to fox and coyote for summer and early fall trapping. "Urban Wildlife" is virtually cat proof by nature which is a big advantage when trapping in surburbia.This bait is also a reward / edible bait that can be used as a pre bait product if needed. An excellent standby staple bait that is a great choice for your multi specie trapping  needs. A real "get it done" bait for the do it yourself  homeowner or veteran ADC trapper.


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