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Night Owl Lures

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Night Owl Predator and Canine Lures are some of the best on the market today. Whether you need a Gland Lure, Food Lure, Call Lure or Curiosity Lure, we have you covered.

All of the lures we sell are produced by Night Owl right here on the premises.
No middle man is involved in any of our products. There are no shortcuts taken, no exchanging of ingredients for something cheaper. We have held true to our original formulas. Good solid products that produce fur is what we strive for and have been able to provide you with for many years.

Coyote Gland - Coyotes natural scent.

Red Fox Gland XXL - Canines, Matrix ingredients added.

High Honors - All Predators - Thick food call lure.

Plum Loco - Raccoon - Sticky Sweet and Sour food paste.

Creekside Call - All Call - Canines, Coon early - Mink, Rats later.

Ontario - Beaver - Heavy Castor based lure.

Crossbones - This one stinks. Long Distance Call lure.

Liquid Mouse Bait - 8oz.

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