NSC™ Tube Trap  #NSC323

NSC™ Tube Trap

Brand: NSC

Item#: NSC323

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NSC™ Tube Trap

The NSC™ Tube Trap is a very effective squirrel trap.  Constructed of HEAVY DUTY gauge steel, this tunnel shaped trap is 4.5 OR 5.5  inches in diameter, 15 inches long, and is powered by a beefy double torsion spring.

Used either baited or non-baited, the Tube Trap is a natural attractant to squirrels wanting to run through it or hide in it. Once the squirrel reaches the triggering pan in the middle of the trap, and steps on it, the double torsion spring is triggered. When a capture is made, the squirrel is generally hidden from public view. 


Available in 4 1/2" or 5 1/2" Diameter.

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