Handmade Wood Pack Baskets

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Handmade Wood Pack Baskets

Heavy Duty Handmade Pack Baskets. Handmade in Ohio by the Amish. Grade "A" quality hardwood Pack Baskets. Choose from size 10", 12",  16", 18", 20", 22", 24" or 22" Jumbo Beaver Basket which is extra wide. Baskets are complete with harness. Click drop down list to view size and prices.

These Wooden Packbaskets are available in 8 different sizes and are crafted from top quality hard woods.  They have built-in floors and come with adjustable harnesses and web handles. 

The 10" ($21.99) Packbasket is 10" high and has a top opening of 7 1/2" x 6".  This miniature packbasket is used mainly as a decorative piece.

The 12" ($27.99) Basket is 12". Small mini basket for children or decoration.

The 16" ($44.99) Packbasket is 16" high and has a top opening of 12" x 10".  This packbasket is ideal for youth trappers.

The 18" ($54.99) Packbasket is 18" high. Ideal for youth or adult trappers.

The 20" ($56.99) Packbasket is 20" high and has a top opening of 14" x 10 1/2".  This is the most common size packbasket used by adults.

The 22" ($61.99) Packbasket is 20" high. The is for adults who need extra carry capacity.

The 24" ($64.99) Packbasket is 24" high and has a top opening of 14" x 10 1/2".

The 22" ($69.99) X-Wide Jumbo Beaver Basket Packbasket is 22" high and has a top opening of 17" x 12".  This packbasket is wide enough to easily accomodate #330 body grip traps.

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