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O'Gorman Long Line Trapping Lures

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Craig O'Gorman's longline trapping lures are superior because they're not dominated and drowned out with overiding ingredients. These lures will captivate and entice.

Available in 2oz glass bottles only.

*Red Fox Gland - Fox gland lure put up natural and strong. Attracts from a distance and reduces suspicion.

*Foxy - A loud, supremely sweet fox call lure that has taken plenty of cat, coyote and coon. Fox gland based.

*Missouri Breaks - A new ingredient added to make it reach out. Super hard to obtain and damn costly, but a little goes a long way.

*Revenge - 14 different agents combined to create an intense excited digging reaction. Exceptional for red and greys.

*Red Fox Matrix - For the breeding season. Strong passion gland.

*Cheyeann Breaks - Top rated food lure developed for desert and mountain work. Thick consistency. Good for yotes, cat and fox.

*Coyote Gland - Glands taken from some the coyotes taken by O'Gorman in the past three years.

*Plenty Coyotes - This is the call lure that really puts the hurt on old wiley. Thousands of yotes have been taken with this lure.

*Government Call - Sheep tallow base, super fine cyanide gun lure in mild weather. Fox, yote and badger. A true rain fighter.

*LDC- Long Distance call lure. Paste with high Skunk and musk blend. OUT OF STOCK

*Old Bucks Death - This mink lure has 19 years of mink taking experience behind it. Also very effective for coon, otter and weasel.

*Mink Essence - A top mink gland lure sweetened and fixed. These glands are pure pod, no fillers. Wild mink glands used only.

*Mink Fever - A blend of mink glands, food elements and musk. Very good at all pocket sets and will slow them down and cause interest at blind sets as well as dry sets.

*Farm Boy Special - A rat lure that will take its share of mink too!

*Mountain Marten Call - Old formula of a famous marten trapper. Plenty of musk!

*Maine Fisher Lure - This lure is our top seller!

*Wiley-E - This lure elicits the response that will put the paw on the pan for you. Superior coyote and cat lure.

*Big Horns Medicine- The famous rattlesnake base scent that causes the massive digging reaction desired at dirt holes for canines.

*Gumbo- One of our top fox and coyote lures. Very loud and thick with a lingering order that's hard to beat

*White Ring- Despite many claims on the market this lure will match any and surpass all I've seen.

*Rory- Top dude of the coon calls. A radically different coon lure that satisfied a lot of coon trappers.

* Blanket Beaver- Destined to become a beavers trappers pet scent. Natural passion and curiosity passion.

*Powder River Cat Call- A #1 cat lure of the cat lands. Has an intense reaction on the cat. There are men that have taken 50-100 cats at the new high prices on the lure alone.

*Feline Esssence- Cat glands from 400 lynx cats from 13 states blend in with genuine Canadian lynx lure.

*Cat Passion- Appeals to all four calls. In our lure research on cats, this scent holds a very intensive attraction for a cat.

*Rim Rock Cat Call- Appeals to all four calls. A very expensive cat lure with a thick, pure, aged rat musk. Has genuine catnip that will carry and last.




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