Sticky Fingers Raccoon Bait #SFRbait

Sticky Fingers Raccoon Bait

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"This is absolutely the best Raccoon bait on the market today period! We have litterally sold 1,000's of bottles over the past few years with unbelievably positive feedback. Try it once and I guarantee you will be back for more once you see the results." "Used by trappers, ADC officers and government employees to control the Raccoon populations for years."- Ed Molnar


Northern Nuisance Control Sytstems presents "Sticky Fingers" Cat Proof Raccoon Formula Professional Wildlife Paste Bait. Packed in 3 sizes. This is very strong paste bait for raccoons. Our cat proof formula makes it the best selling nuisance bait in the country. It has a powerful intense sweet odor. Attracts raccoons, skunks
and groundhogs. Available in 3 sizes...


Made by Northern Nuisance Control Systems.

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