WCS™ Shorty Tube Trap™ - Rust Resistant

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It's back!!  WCS is pleased to announce the return of the WCS™ Shorty Tube Trap™!  This trap is a shorter version of the classic Rust Resistent Tube Trap, but with a few new advantages.  Just like its big brother, it is treated with an electro-plating process which is black in color and is highly rust resistant. No need to dip, dye, or spray paint these traps.  Just pull them out of the box and use them. 

This tunnel shaped trap is a very effective squirrel and rodent trap. Constructed of 21-gauge steel, the trap is 4.5 inches in diameter, 7.5" inches long, and is powered by a beefy double torsion spring.  It now offers a zero clearance strike and its smaller size allows it to be used in spaces where larger traps just won't do. Used either baited or non-baited, the Shorty Tube Trap is a natural attractant to squirrels wanting to run through it or hide in it. Once the squirrel reaches the triggering pan in the middle of the trap, the double torsion spring triggers the strike bar. 

The WCS™ Shorty Tube Trap comes with a built in safety latch to prevent the trap from prematurely firing while setting.

Caution: The Shorty Tube Trap is a LETHAL trap, use special care when and where setting.

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