Thompson Self-Locking Snares #Thompson

Thompson Self-Locking Snares

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Thompson Self-Locking Snares available in the following sizes:

No. 0-24" - Swiveled (Muskrat, Mink and Rabbitt, etc.)

No. 0-S-30" - Swiveled (Small animals such as Skunk, Coon, etc.)

No. 0-TS-60" - Swiveled

No. 1-TS-60" - Swiveled long length for Fox and similiar sized animals.

No. 1-S-40" - Swiveled special Fox snare.

No. 2-S-40" - Swiveled special for Beaver and Otter.

No. 2-XX-72" - Long Length for Beavers and Otter.

No. 3-XX-72" - Long Length snare for Coyotes and Wolves
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