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Hal Sullivan Beaver 2000 DVD

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Beaver 2000 (DVD) by Hal Sullivan 21st Century Techniques For Open Water Beaver Trapping Beaver 2000 is a two hour video course on the latest techniques for open water beaver trapping. On-the-trapline footage demonstrates methods for taking beaver in a variety of locations. Learn the effective use of all types of beaver trapping equipment including foothold traps, bodygrip traps and snares. Beaver 2000 shows you how to select the proper equipment for beaver trapping and how to apply these tools so they will be most effective. All the standard sets for beaver are covered in Beaver 2000. You’ll learn step-by-step how to construct these sets and where to place these sets to produce maximum results. Let Beaver 2000 show you the in’s and out’s of beaver trapping and guide you to success on the beaver line. 119 Minutes DVD
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