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Weiser Western Trapping Lures

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Andy Weiser's Western Trapping Lures. Packed in 2oz. Widemouth Glass.

Weiser's Montana Long Call Lure is a thick, loud and long reaching call lure deadly on all predators from marten to wolf.  Good at any type of set, including post sets, and any time of year including dead of summer.

Weiser's Coyote Gland Lure is a natural smelling lure.  It is thick and long lasting and made from Montana coyote glands and urine collected by Andy Weiser from a female that was in heat.

Weiser's Bobcat Gland Lure contains fresh glands and urine taken from western bobcats.  The bobcat glands are preserved fresh.  This lure is thick and rich and has a real pungent cat odor.  Besides bobcat, fox, coyote, mountain lion, and dry-land coon are attracted to it.

Weiser's Natural Born Killer Lure is a food based lure with gland and sexual odors added to make a thick and deadly paste for coyote and fox.  A great lure for starting a new line or livening up an old one.

Weiser's Coon Skinner Lure is a thick paste food lure for coon.  The first smell is shellfish, but under that is food and musk odors that meat eaters can’t be without.  This lure is great at all types of coon sets and in dog proof traps.  This lure is also good for cats and canines.

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