ADAX-12 Bear Foot Snare

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ADAX-12 Bear Foot Snare

ADAX-12 Bear Foot Snare, formerly distributed by Dave Wilson of Maine (RIP), designed and developed by Kurt Beauregard of KB Mfg..

This bear foot snare is fast becoming the standard among bear trappers whether it be for sport or nuisance control.

The ADAX-12 Bear Foot Snare consists of two components;

1. A 12" Launcher with specially shapped jaws to hold and propel the cable up and onto the bears paw. The launcher or "thrower" has a large triggering pan which is tension adjustable to avoid smaller bears and other non-targets. This pan is 95% active, meaning a part can step practically anywhere within the traps diameter and trigger the foot snare.

The launcher or "thrower" is powered by two custom manufactured springs approximately the size of 220 bodygrip springs. The spring sizing makes for a very fast closure, but at the same time allows a captured bear to easily "shake off" the thrower after being captured.

The second part of the ADAX-12 Bear Foot Snare, and perhaps the most important, is a 3/16" 7 x 19 cable snare with a custom lock and a 40" compression spring that runs the entire length of the cable. The cable loop comes equipped with a heavy-duty swivel on the end for ease of anchoring.

Very easy to open and set. There is a safety device mounted next to the dog allowing you to hold the jaws open while positioning the cable loop. Prior to mounting the cable loop into the bends of the KB Bear Foot Snare the compression spring on the cable should be fully compressed allowing you place the bare cable into the bends of the jaws, under the dog prior to engaging the pan, and complete the loop on either side of the thrower allowing the lock to rest on or near the pivot point of the jaws.

When a bear steps onto the foot snare pan, the jaws close, the cable is propelled upward and onto the bears paw and in an instant the compression spring is released, "snapping" the loop onto the bears paw. Unlike other bear foot snares on the market this one DOES NOT depend on the bears movement to close the cable loop.

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