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Complete Kit comes with:
- Spring snare thrower
- Foot snare cable
- Extention cable
- 8 mm Stainless Steel swivel

Foot Snare:
- 48" of 7x19 3/16" cable
- Bear Lock
- Solid Loop end
- This is the replacement snare for Fremont Humane Bear Foot Snare System and Aldrich Bear Snare System

Extension cable for the Bear Fremont, Aldrich and M-15 Bear Snares:
- 6 ft of 7x19 3/16" Galvanized Aircraft Cable - looped at each end.

8 mm Stainless Steel Swivel:
Excellent heavy duty swivels!
They are stainless steel so they won't rust!
Each end of the swivel is "clevis style", they can screw in and out. This makes changing your snares, traps, and extensions really fast! No need to for a cable cutters or quick links!
- 8 mm (5/16") has a working load limit of 1,400 pounds.

The Aldrich-type foot snare is used extensively by USDA-APHIS, ADC and state wildlife agency personnel to catch problem bears.
This method is safe, when correctly used, and allows for the release of nontarget animals.
Bears captured in this manner can be tranquilized, released, translocated, or destroyed.
Use baits to attract bears to foot snare sets.

The Aldrich Bear Foot Snare, which has been out of production for several years, but due to its' popularity among professionals is now being manufactured in the U.S.
The improved Aldrich bear foot snare is now made available with a safety latch so premature triggering is prevented.

Made In The USA

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