Coyote Trapping 101 with Bob Noonan DVD

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Bob Noonan’s “Coyote Trapping 101” DVD


Bob Noonan’s “Coyote Trapping 101” DVD explains all aspects of the basics of coyote trapping.  Professional coyote control agents and fur trappers depend on these simple essentials to make big catches. Once you understand them, you will catch coyotes.

Have you been convinced that coyote trapping is very complicated, requiring lots of equipment, lures, and baits, and mastery of a bazillion techniques and details?  Are you confused by the endless, sometimes contradictory advice given by countless alleged coyote experts?  Have you bought into the coyote’s mystique of supposedly being intelligent and very difficult to outsmart?  Too many trappers get overwhelmed by the supposed complexity and difficulty of coyote trapping.  Some give up after their first efforts fail.  Others are actually too intimidated to even try.

The truth is, many coyotes are easily caught with simple, basic methods, and little equipment.  Professional trappers with thousands of coyotes to their credit use uncomplicated methods and minimal equipment.  This 1 hour and 55 minute DVD explains and shows those simple basics in the close, clear detail all Bob Noonan’s videos are known for.

This DVD covers:

  • Traps -- 19 still photos of different makes, models, and sizes, with detailed descriptions and comparison.
  • Equipment -- These five simple tools can do it all.
  • Lure and Bait -- An uncomplicated but deadly combination.
  • Dirt Hole Construction -- Clear, close footage and detailed step-by-step explanation of exactly how to make this standard, lethal coyote set. Hole and bed digging, staking, trap positioning, bedding, foot guides; it’s all here.  All of it.
  • Location -- Footage of a number of coyote catches and locations from Bob Noonan’s trapline, along with 10 full-screen, detailed pen-and-ink diagrams of these productive locations, and in depth explanations of how and why they worked.
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