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Buckeye Brand Lures

Live Wire
A very unique predator food lure. Has a four part base that is blended &
aged together, then enhanced with high performance ingredients that are
irresistible to predators. Destined to be one of the greatest lures available.
Nothing else like it on the market. Deadly on fox, coyote & cats.
Excellent choice on dryland coon as well.

Top Lot
An all season predator lure that is heavy on 'cat glands. Food odors,
castor, sac oil and 'rat glands along with a slight push of "sweet skunk".
Equally effective on coyote, fox, bobcat & coon.

A food-gland-curiosity call lure with an alluring, musky background
odor. Outstanding all season predator lure. Coyote, fox, cats & coon.

All Call
Food & castor base lure with a sweet / musky smell. This lure does it all!
A true "All Call" lure that will take cats, canines, coon, mink, rats & beaver.

High Roller
This lure has a strong, long lasting sweet ~ sour smell that is irresitable
to coon. Has a good spike of shellfish oil. Holds up well in cold, wet
weather. An excellent all season coon lure.

Last Call
A sweeter type lure with persimmon and mint overtones. A first class
coon lure with a long, lingering odor. Last Call and High Roller make an
unbeatable combination on the coon line.

Shellfish Supreme
Pure, un-cut, top-grade shellfish oil is blended with other exotic oils to
create an all around lure that is unequaled in smell. Has a very strong,
permeating odor that stays at your set in wet, cold weather.

Mink Call #1
This mink call lure is heavy on mink glands and spring 'rat glands. Has
slight food background odors and sweet, musky undertones.
Excellent change-up on canines!

Rat Pack - SOLD OUT
Top-notch muskrat food lure. Has an extremely long lasting, "heavy"
odor that blankets your set to draw muskrats from a distance.

A paste type beaver lure with a strong castor & castorium smell. Enhanced
with high grade exotic oils to amplify the castor. Slight food &
curiosity odors as well.

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