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Russ Carman's Superior animals lures are TRUE lures that produce in any and all kinds of weather, under virtually any condition, season or area. These lures are the result of 30 years of testing hundreds of formulas on farmland and wilderness traplines in the East, the Far West, and in the big swamp country of the South. These lures are extremely effective.

Red Fox Gland - A thick creamy lure with a natural foxy odor.

Coyote Gland - A thick lure made from western yote glands.

Bobcat Gland - this lure has that mild sweet bobcat odor that really turns on those toms.

Mink Gland - The right amount of glands to call male mink to your set.

Beaver Lure #1 - A combination of castor and oil sacs.

Wind River Beaver - The same  as Beaver #1 plus an added ingredient.

Deep Creek Mink #1 - A blend of natural mink odors with glands, musks, and passion ingredients.

Midnite Coon Lure - This will call raccoons in close.

Raccoon Lure #2 - A poplular choice.

Three Rivers Mink - A lure that has a pleasant musk odor that holds and attraction to all mink.

Raccoon Lure #1 - Very long lasting and it's sweet odor will attract coon weeks after it's placed at a set.

Stillwater Muskrat #2 - Has a fragrant penetrating odor. Thick and sticky.

Hudson Seal Muskrat - Contains a full 50% pure sweet muskrat glands with other valuable oils.

Magna Glan - A unique odor that really calls fox, coyote, cat and coon

Mega Musk - Causes a digging and scratching response from fox and coyote.

Pro's Choice - #1 Seller! Use for all predators.

Trails End - One of Carman's best selling fox, coyote and bobcat lures.

Weasel Lure - This one will drive em' crazy.

Fisher & Marten Lure - this will not disapoint

Final Touch - A favorite of many old time fox and coyote trappers.

Triple Threat - A deadly lure for fox, yotes and cats.

Silent Partner - An oily type lure with a real foxy odor especially to reds.

Canine Call - Long Distance Call lure. Also use for fisher and marten.

Predator Call - Use for all meat eaters.

Canine Cream - A #1 lure for Coyote, Fox and Bobcat.

*New! Russ Carman Proffessional Grade Lures 2oz Size

Circle Maker (2oz) - (Fox, Coyote & Bobcat)
One of Carman's best selling predator lures! Years of searching for new and better ingredients are what produced this great lure. Really makes the fox & coyote slobber and dig. Also one of the best bobcat lures available. Best used until night time temperatures drop into the teens, but good anytime. This is a mixture of the magnum lure.they dont make circle maker magnum lure anymore.

Vent Scent (2oz) Fox and Coyote Lure

Snake Creek Mink Lure (2oz) - (Mink)
All season mink lure that is filled with valuable glands and musks that
really pull the mink into your sets. Has a powerful, lingering odor that
will pull mink from the maximum distance. Attractive to males &
females, young and old. Good all season long.

Lurmax (2oz) Fox, Coyote and Bobcat Lure that's sure to draw them in to your set.

Nocturnal (2oz) Will surely catch any nite bandit.

Red Fox Gland (2oz) #1 fox glands used in this one. Will call in any Wiley Red.

Beaver Gland (2oz) This is one of Russ's best Beaver lures ever produced.




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