Clint Locklear's "Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz" DVD

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Clint Locklear's "Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz" DVD


Clint Locklear's "Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz" DVD goes into deep detail on the Alcatraz dog proof raccoon trap.  All of the tips in this video will work with any dog proof trap on the market.  Clint drills down on how to use dog proof traps to their full potential.

To take coon in numbers you need to be versatile and have a plan.  This DVD gives details on different methods for racking up coon with your dog proof traps on your own line.  You will also see how to hide your traps right out in front of people and not hurt your catch at all.  This DVD will help you to be a better DP trapper.

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