Coon Grabbers Gel Pads #cgrabbers

Coon Grabbers Gel Pads

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The all-new combination of lure and bait called Coon Grabbers. This new product is designed for use in dog proof traps, and can be reusable. It is being made in 5 scents at this time, Shellfish, Raspberry, Fresh Shrimp, Grape and Anise. To use Coon Grabbers you hold the trigger of the trap forward and slide the Grabber behind the trigger on edge, then using your finger or a stick turn them flat in the back of the trap. The projections will protrude around the trigger giving the coon something to feel, making them work the trap harder. Coon Grabbers are designed to make the trap go off when the coon tries to remove them from the trap. They are freeze proof, water proof and have the scent cooked right into them. 12 Grabbers per bag.
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