Teachers of the Night Coyote - Flat Set DVD #coyflatset

Teachers of the Night Coyote - Flat Set DVD

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Now you don't have to wonder what is happening at your sets in the dark of the night. Keith Harkleroad and Clint Locklear will guide you through set after set and animal after animal with very clear, quality night vision footage. This is new to learn. This is the first time in trapping history that you can see into the real world of animals and how they move, act and react to sets. Don't make the mistake that anything like this has been done before. This is not a trail cam  that happens to catch a glimpse of an animal, then the video claims to have "night vision" footage. This is professional equipment put to use by professional trappers. Now you can quit the guessing at what happens at a set, you can see it with your own eyes.


Length: 2 hours



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