Crit'R•Call Predator Mouth Calls #critrcall11

Crit'R•Call Predator Mouth Calls

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Item#: critrcall11

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Pick up your Crit'R•Call, any model, and inspect it. They are simplicity at their best, tough, light, convenient sizes and shapes. The plastic is tough and will last a lifetime if protected from excessive heat. The plastic is selected for durability, flexibility, non-freezing surface, and most important the sound carrying capacity it has to mimic sound coming out of the tissue of mammals. Our plastic formula is a secret, like Coca Cola's formula. Nobody else has it.

The Crit'R•Call Standard was first patented in 1977 so has many years of successful experience. There are thousands of those first Crit'R•Calls still in use with the original reeds, still singing the sweet song of rabbit death.

Crit'R•Calls are freeze-proof, foolproof, and the ultimate of dependability, so there are no breakdowns of the call at the critical moment when the predator appears. The open-reed design allows the reed to stand away from the call platform so moisture blows through. It does not freeze the reed to the platform.


PeeWee - Varmint

Standard - Pup Yips - Varmint

Magnum - Long Range Coyotes - Howls & Squalls.


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