Duke #1 Coil Spring Trap (Double Jaw) #duke1coildj

Duke #1 Coil Spring Trap (Double Jaw)

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Duke manufactures over 30 different models of Coil Spring Traps, Long Spring Traps, and Body Gripping Traps for use in the harvesting and control of wild animal populations. Duke Traps are available for purchase in many trapping supply houses, sporting goods stores, major hardware stores, farm & home stores and online retailers. Duke maintains the world's largest market share in game traps with sales to well over 100 national and international accounts.

Whether you are a Professional Trapper, Part Time Trapper, Hobbyist, Distributor or Retailer, Duke Traps has the solution to take care of your needs. With the largest and most complete product line of game traps in the world, you are guaranteed the best selection and best value anywhere.

The #1 Duke Coil Spring Double Jaw Trap has a 4" jaw spread, and is recommended by Duke for use in taking muskrat, mink and raccoon.

4" Jaw Spread. (Double Jaw. )
Target Animal: Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon. Duke Traps are among America's best trap value

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