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E.J. Dailey's "Triple Call" Animal Gland Lures. "The Orgininal Animal Gland Lure" All lures in 1oz. bottles.

Fox Lure No. 1 - The base of this is fox glands and secretions and it will not only call fox to your sets  but will actually make them less suspicious. Will attract both red and grey.

Fox Lure No. 2 - Same formula as No. 1 but with additional ingredients valuable in extreme cold weather. A great winter lure.

Fox Lure No. 3 - A real fox matrix lure with other passion ingredients added. Valuable during January and February.

Fox Lure No. 4 - Highly concentrated food and curiosity lure for the trapper who desires something different. The odor remains for long periods at sets. For red or grey.

Gray Fox lure - Something special for for gray fox trappers.

Wolf and Coyote No. 1 - A natural type, carefully blended wolf gland lure for fall and winter. The most expert wolfers in America use this one.

Wolf and Coyote No. 2 - A wolf gland lure of rare calling power with special base  to withstand extreme cold.

Wolf and Coyote No. 3 - A passion lure for February and March.

Wolf and Coyote No. 4 - A powerful food and curiosity lure. Very lasting.

Muskrat No. 1 - Natural musks blended with oils from marsh vegetation and good all season. None other equals it.

Muskrat No. 2 - Sweet, powerful, a fitting partner to our other famous muskrat lure.

Mink No. 1 - A blended lure of mink secretions, musks etc.

Mink No. 2 - A mating time lure created from passion ingredients.

Beaver - Beaver Castor Extract blended with musks and oils.

Skunk - A powerful lure known to call skunks for 1/2 mile and to lure them from dens while hibernating.

Weasel - Whether you trap for fur or bounty, this natural lure will greatly  increase your catches.

Raccoon No. 1 - Many trappers have found coon hard to call, but this special tested formulas makes coon trapping easy.

Raccoon No. 2 - A powerful, long lasting  food lure  that really calls  in the ringtail. Be sure to try a bottle.

Badger - A heavy badger gland lure.

Otter - It takes otter glands from all states where found to produce this super lure, second to none.

Fisher - Fisher travel over large areas and only a powerful, appealing lure will call them to sets regularly.

Marten - Only a marten lure that will withstand the cold of high altitutdes  is really valuable, and have it.

Cats No. 1 - Heavy natural type created from cat glands and secretions.

Cats No. 2 - Unfreezing base with genuine oil catnip blended with musks. Good for wildcats, lynx, lions etc.

Civet - The civet trapper can make money trapping these small animals by the aid of this lure.

Wolverine - These elusive wanderers come readily  to this natural line.

Long Distance Call lure - Made from the most powerful ingredients to reach out and call furbearers from distances.

Skunk Skat - A few drops of this liquid rubbed on your hands will remove skunk odor.

All-Purpose Lure - If you make one set for various meat eating furbeares, this is the lure for you! Years of testing  produced this lure.

Odor Off - A compound that overcomes steel odor and other undesirables on traps and leaves a light woodsy aroma.

Buck Lure - One of the best buck lures on the market - made from doe-secretions plus other ingredients that are guaranteed to call deer.

Dailey's Famous Baits

Liquid Fox-Coyote Bait - If you have found that flesh baits do not give out enough odor in extremely cold weather, you will find this bait the solution to that problem.

Liquid Mink and Coon Bait - Placed on the market at the request of our customers who found our liquid fox-coyote bait so effective  this bait goes together  with "mink and coon" like "hamm and eggs".

Preserved Fox and Coyote Bait - Professional trappers know that this is the best fresh bait on the market. It will attract all meat eating furbearers.

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