Troy Erickson's Logging Roads, Lanes & Laminations #ericksondvd

Troy Erickson's Logging Roads, Lanes & Laminations

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Troy Erickson's "Logging Roads, Lanes & Laminations" DVD


Troy Erickson's "Logging Roads, Lanes & Laminations" DVD is not your average booster chair, ride along, tailgate talking, fast forward to get to the meat type DVD.

In this 1 hour, 47 minute DVD you first join hardcore dogman Troy Erickson on his Northern Wisconsin coyote longline where he shares his knowledge of trolling for public land big dogs while trapping in the national forests and county lands.  This is true coyote mayhem at its finest.  Troy stacks up coyote after coyote.  He covers in detail the How-to's of successful big timber, coyote trapping.  This includes locations, sets, traps, tools, equipment, lures and baits and tips and tricks that are sure to help get the coyotes where they need to be -- in the back of your truck.

Next, you join the master of modification, Jason Dufresne, at his shop.  Jason covers the basics of total trap modification from laminations to base plating and night latching to reinforcing the dog.  He covers it all.  Jason has brought trap modification to the next level and the quality of his work is unsurpassed.  If you are looking to turn your factory traps into coyote catching machines, look no further.






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