Stef Forget's Lures Made in Canada #forgetspec2

Stef Forget's Lures Made in Canada

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Stef Forget's Trapping Lures. Made in Canada. We are closing these items out and only have limited supply left in stock. Packaged in 2oz. Glass Bottle.

Forget's Ingenieur Lure
Forget's Ingenieur Lure is a beaver call lure with a penetrating and sweet odor that is strong and long lasting. This lure is different and very effective all season.

Fouineur Lure
Forget's Fouineur Lure is a thick, rich, long lasting, mild call lure. This is a real mink lure that is good at all kinds of sets.

Forget's Extreme #1 Lure (2 oz.)
Forget's Extreme #1 Lure is a thick and long lasting red fox gland lure made especially for scent posts and flat sets. Good at any hole set too. This lure doesn't smell like any other gland lure on the market. Deadly for trapping timberwolves.

Forget's XXXL Lure
Forget's XXXL Lure really calls beaver. This lure is strong, effective and different and has great calling power in colder weather.

Forget's ProvCoon  Lure
Forget's Pro Coon  Lure is a highly concentrated and intense all season raccoon lure. Pro Coon is put up in paste form and is extremely fragrant, sweet, loud and long lasting. This lure is also very effective for bear and muskrat.

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