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John Grahams's Fur Country Lures. "The Lure of Serious Trappers"

Packaged in 1oz. Glass Bottles

Bonanza Mild - If one lure had to do it all, this would be the one. Our best seller by far due to heavy use by several states ADC programs. Good for canines, raccoon and bobcat.

Super Bonanza - A very fragrant curiosity call lure. Has a sweet skunk smell and is very attractive to canines and cats. Probably my personal favorite for fox. One of the hottest lures available.

Deception - Graham's Deception Lure is Coyote with a capital "C". It's the natural smell of coyotes, concentrated. It is used by top trappers that know the value of it, year after year. For all types of sets, and will work year round.

Enticer - Graham's Enticer Lure is made from the same fresh red fox glands as Excitor, but with extra "kick" to entice fickle fox. Fragrant and lasting, it's one of John's personal favorites for late fall/early winter fox trapping. It is used all over North America.

Tomcat - Graham's Tomcat Lure is bobcat gland based with passion and curiosity ingredients blended in to make a superior, all around 'cat lure. This is Graham's #1 bobcat lure. This lure will call 'cats from a distance, yet won't cause them to shy from the set at a few feet like some lures seem to do.

One Montana trapper reported a 'cat changing its line of travel abruptly and heading towards a set when it caught wind of this lure -- from a distance of 50 yards! It can be used at a variety of sets with great results. Also, if you want a change of pace for canines, this will do it. A super lure with super results!

Bonanza Cold - Graham's Bonanza Cold Lure is a loud, reaching call lure. When you open the cap, skunk comes out at you. This lure can be used at the set, or above the set to get animals in the general area. Great on all canines, as well as fisher and marten. It has enough glycerine to make it easy to apply in the dead of winter.

Blaster Bonanza - Graham's Blaster Bonanza Lure is an extremely attractive food/curiosity lure. A completely different base than the other Bonanza Lures. This lure will cause canines and 'coon to lick, scratch, and hang around a set. Excellent for use on M-44's. Graham's best raccoon and grey fox lure. Don't let the name fool you, this is not loud or offensive, but a fragrant, pleasant, desirable attractant.

Badlands Bob - Graham's Badlands Bob Lure is another great bobcat lure that John introduced to trappers a few years ago. It has a bobcat gland base and will appeal to bobcats in a variety of uses. No other lure smells even remotely like this one. One of the very best combination 'cat and canine lures made. It is 'cat lure at its finest.

Muskrat Call - Graham's Muskrat Call Lure is made with plenty of spring rat glands and other ingredients that pull them in from a distance.

Graham's Wiley Coyote Lure - Graham's Wiley Coyote Lure is coyote gland based, aged and boosted with other ingredients. Will work as a gland lure or curiosity type of attractant. Especially effective in mid to late winter. Weatherproof and lingering at a set. John has seen coyotes work this lure at sets that hadn't been re-lured for 6 weeks in the dead of winter

Magnolia - Graham's Magnolia Lure is a blend of beaver food that they can't resist. It works well all seasons. Paste type consistency for use in wet conditions. The base of this lure alone will attract beaver, but by blending in several food/curiosity ingredients Magnolia is a superior beaver food lure.



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