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SS Hawbaker Reddy Red Urine

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Reddy Red is extra aged and specially enhanced. The Best Fear Remover - Fortified and condensed by evaporation. A secret method we have used for years in preparing fox urine for trappers. This is the reason most all trappers prefer and continually use fox urine produced by Hawbaker. It goes five times as far as ordinary fox urine and is worth 10 times more. All the fox urine we sell comes from special 100% meat fed foxes.

A real suspicion and fear remover. Fox come unafraid to your sets. No rain water or ammonia used. Only pure condensed urine. Beware of cheap watered down urine selling at bargain prices.

Professional trappers use gallons of our fortified fox urine with anti-freeze added to guard against freezing in extremely weather and to hold odor longer at sets. If you have never used fox urine or coyote urine prepared by Hawbaker, just give it a try. You'll see a wonderful difference immediately. Use 1/2 oz. per set.

Available in 4oz or 16oz. Squirt bottle. 

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