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* #201 Baits - "201" is a mild, palatable chunk bait they love to eat.

* #202 Baits - "202" is a paste bait. These two (201 and 202 ) baits have the same mouth watering flavor and odor, just one's chunk and one's paste. Great early to mid-sseason, for fox,coyote, cat.

* #203 Bait - "203" is a chunk bait that has a mouth watering flavor and odor. "203" is different from "201" and "202" in that it is louder and has a different odor and taste. Excellent full season bait. For fox, coyote, cat and coon.

* HCR Cold River ( C.R.) Bait - #1 Seller. "Cold River" is a special "fish" chunk bait. Super attractive to coon, fox, coyote and bobcat.

* HWR Wild River (W.R.) Bait - "Wild River" is a sticky, heavy paste bait, very sweet,loud and penetrating. Easy to handle, excellent taste, and highly attractive to coon, mink, fox, coyote, otter and bobcat.


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