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#600 "Flat Tail" - A castor base beaver lure put up in waterproof paste form. This blend of superb beaver calling ingredients has proven itself deadly reliable over the years. "Fat Tail" has been put to the supreme test. Traps were set followed by a very high water, fourteen (14) days later, the water went down and the beaver still worked the castor mounds with "600". Unsurpassed for reliability.

#701 "Marsh Rat" - The Sweet Flag odor is discernible to any old "swamp rat". A good food type lure used on muskrat and nutria.

#702 "River Rat" - "River Rat" will always hold a place next to my heart. I've used it in the marshes in Ohio, the rivers and in the bayou country in the south. It's a cherry type food lure that rats, coon and nutria can't resist. If you're trapping water and you want more fur, try this one!

#400 Coon "Masked Death" - A powerful, sweet food type lure that appeals to the coon's never ending appetite.
#401 "Can't Pass" - A sweet food-type lure for coon.

#101 "Red Death" - Red Death is a high performance red fox gland lure.

#102 "Grey Death" - Use specifically for Greys! Has a natural Grey Fox odor. No filler parts added.

#106 "Long Call" - It's LOUD, lasting, far carrying, call lure. Will attract fox, bobcat and fisher.

#107 "Red and Grey" - Top notch fox, coyote and cat lure.

#108 "Pelt Taker" - A mild curiosity type lure attractive to a wide range of furbearers.

#109 "Desert Dog" - This is a western type lure, first time offered to the public. It is a top notch red fox lure appealing mainly to adult males.

#103 "Meat Eater" - Meat type food lure. All season. Fox, raccoon, bobcat and coyote.

#104 "Sweet Death" - Sweet mild food lure. Fox and coyotes will dig for months at the ground where this lure is placed! All season.

#105 "Sure Call" - Complicated blend of proven calling agents with lasting and penetrating odor. No skunk in this one. Works for all predators.

#301 "Coyote Special - High performance coyote gland lure.

#302 "Light Stepper" - Western, loud type lure that is extremely intriguing to coyote, bobcat and grey fox.

#303 "Magnum" - This western lure is a meat type food lure that makes a great change up lure.

#330 "Spotted Death" - One of my pet lures. Bobcat gland lure.

#331 "Prairie Call" - This is the best bobcat lure I have ever used. Super cat lure.

#332 "Dry Wash" - is a cat gland lure with some extra punch. I used this in the dry washes of the southwest.

#500 "Mink Lure" - A special blend of musks and other secret odors. Not overloaded with musk. Also effective for fox and raccoon.

#501 "Mink Food Lure - This is one of our best sellers!


*Helfrich Deer Lures - 1oz. Glass Bottles* Limited Supply!

#802 "Buck Fool" - Non Skunk human odor mask as well as an exceptionally good deer attractor.

#803 "Orchard Call" - An Apple Odor that makes a great attractor along trails leading to and from orchards.



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