Coon Whisperer DVD - by Allen Hetrick #hetcoondvd13

Coon Whisperer DVD - by Allen Hetrick

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Ride along with Allen “Coon Whisperer” Hetrick as he fills his boat with prime fur. This action-packed DVD shows in-depth footage on how you can take coon in big numbers – consistently! Allen demonstrates how you can stay two steps ahead of your competition. His novel tips and techniques, based on thirty-five years of trapping experience, are specifically designed to help you increase your catches of both coon and muskrat. That’s right, you get both coon and muskrat covered for one great price! You’ll also learn how to modify body-grip traps to maximize ‘rat catches. Learn how to utilize Allen’s time-tested methods for skinning and putting up ‘rats … less time in the fur shed – more time on the line.
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