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Jameson's Ultra Blend Lures

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Jameson's Ultra Blend trapping lures and bait. 1oz bottles.

Red Devil - Red Fox Gland lure. 1oz.

Prairie King - Coyote Gland lure.

Coon Valley - Raccoon Gland lure.

Canine Choice - Canine Food Call lure.

Lone Wolf - Food lure.

Magnum Call - LDC lure. Very strong!

Bucks End - Mink Gland lure.

Terminator - Food Call

Fox Cream - Fox Food Call lure.

Ultra Call - LDC

Sierra Mist - Bobcat Gland and Rubbing Scent (4oz only)

XXX Matrix Predator Bait - Pint (16oz)

Longliner Power Plus Fortified Predator Paste Bait - 8oz.

Bank Runner Fish Chunk Bait - 8oz.

K-9 Stopper Formulated Egg Predator Paste Bait - 8oz.



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