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JR & Sons Animal Lures #jrsons11

JR & Sons Animal Lures

Brand: Jeff Robinson

Item#: jrsons11

Price: $6.00

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Welcome to the world of J.R. & Sons Animal Scents and Lures. We offer a selection of premium, innovative, high quality scents and lures tested by trappers and hunters like yourself. Because of the technical aspects that are involved in the formulating of our products, each and every lure, scent and bait is formulated and bottled by me personally. Here at J.R. & Sons quality is #1! We do not mass produce our products.

If you want the confidence that comes from knowing your lure, scent or bait was formulated and tested by serious trappers and hunters like yourself, J.R. & Sons products are for you.

I would like to thank all of you who have used our products in the past. Withour your loyalty and belief in our products, J.R. & Sons would not be where we are today.

Take Care,

Jeff Robinson

Bank Bandit - A very special blend of ingredients make the coon crave this lure. Good all season. Also use for mink.

Shellfish Oil - Don't be fooled by the difference in quality of the various brands of this lure on the market today. This one is as pure and strong as they come. Canines, mink, coon, bobcats. Good all season.

Daily Special - Meat based food lure - very thick. Proven in the North, South, East and West.

Blaster - This lure is out of the ordinary. Not only is it a call lure, but is also acts as a curiosity lure that keeps there interest up. Fox, yote, cat and coon.

Gray Ambush - From the wet early fall rains, to the harsh cold winter nights, to the blistering hot desert sun, this gray fox gland lure has what it takes.

Curiosity Plus - Preys on Ol'Red's curious nature. This one will get their defenses down which is a big plus for this curiosity lure.

Getter Dog - Coyote gland lure. Only the very best glands are used in this one.

Indian Red - Our #1 Seller Red Fox Gland lure.  Coon and coyote can't resist it, not to mention bobcats. Good all season.

Blood Brother + SK - Brother to Indian Red. It has just as many fox in the bottle

Cattagious - A bobcat gland lure for the serious cat man!

Mystic Mink - A real attention getter for the hard-core minker who wants a lure that will actually catch mink! But this lure doesn't stop there. Its an excellent coon and intriguing enough to catch reds and greys on your fox line. Thick and lasting. Gland food - call lure.

Midnight Madness - When I first put this lure on the market, it was for the coon trapper. Since then it has exceeded these expectations. Many trappers have written or told me of the excellent results they have had catching rats and mink with this lure. That puts Midnight Madness on the top shelf. Good all Season! Coon, muskrats and mink.

K-9's DNA - Deadly natural attractor. For all canines at all types of sets.

Finicky Fox Bait - 16oz. - Predator Meat Bait.

Erie Special Bait 16oz. - Fish Chunk Bait.

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