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KAATZ BROS. Trapping Lures

Kaatz Bros 1-800 Predator Call Lure

A loud, powerful calling lure of 5-star quality. The base of this attractant is sun-rendered fish oil blended with beaver castor oil, and a heavy dose of skunk essence. 1-800 will perform remarkably well on bobcats, coyotes, red and gray fox from coast to coast. Apply 10-15 drops right at the set. A best seller! Used by many top-notch fur trappers and Wildlife Services trappers as well! Buy it now!

Kaatz Bros Red King Fox Gland Lure

Every morning as Kyle ran the Iowa road line in 2000, he watched a red fox sitting in a picked bean field. That red seemed to taunt him, "You're a coon trapper, I can sit back and relax!" For over a week Kyle met the fox in the field off King Street. When this lure was first formulated, it only seemed appropriate to name it Red King to pay homage to that red fox. A unique combination of loud, aged red fox glands and special passion ingredients make this lure priceless! Kellen swears by Red King for coyotes and bobcats as well!

Kaatz Bros Spot Shot Bobcat Curiosity Lure

A heavy, complex blend of bobcat calling ingredients easily smeared on a rock or wood backing. While trapping in New Mexico and Idaho, Kellen noticed that he was regularly taking coyotes on bobcat lures, but not as many bobcats accidentally with coyote lures. By relying more on Spot Shot for the versatility he had better results! Catch more this season, with Spot Shot.

Kaatz Bros Toxi-Dog Predator Call Lure

Without a doubt, the most lethal coyote lure we've ever created! The combination of hard-work and Toxi-Dog will result in more fur on your stretchers. Red fox gland based withe several extra ingredients make this lure highly attractive to coyotes, red and gray fox, bobcats, lynx, coon, and badgers.

Kaatz Bros Hickory Creek Raccoon Food Lure

Named after a natural flow which runs it’s course through Will County, Illinois, Hickory Creek provided the Kaatz Bros. their first raccoon and beaver trapping experiences. Since those early days, it has continued to produce quantities of fur every year. Hickory Creek is a raccoon food lure that is a reliable asset for the fast-paced longliner. As a liquid lure, it’s ideal for a flip-top squirt bottle, and highly time efficient without compromising quality. Besides being a five-star coon lure, it works well as a changeup on coyotes at dirt holes, and a Wisconsin trapper recently bragged about Hickory Creek as a fisher attractant. The possibilities are limitless with versatile, high-quality lures and baits!

Kaatz Bros Karac Coyote Gland Lure

The most valuable asset to the coyote trapper--an aged, quality gland lure. Karac is formulated to significantly improve coyote trapping success will into the late winter and the breeding season. While coyote trapping, the Kaatz Bros. often benefit from the assistance of a trapline dog in locating natural territorial markers. After the dog adds a shot of urine to a prominent bush or rock, we’ll drop in a set and add a smear of Karac. The results continue to be staggering! Karac can be used to freshen up stale droppings as well, for a highly effective, subtle flat set!

Kaatz Bros Beaver Lure

With tens of thousands of beaver to its credit, this castor-based lure is second to none! Used with great confidence year-round! Attractive to all furbearers!

Kellen's Black Label Extreme Shellfish Coon Bait -8oz.

Kellen's Black Label Coon Bait Extreme Shellfish Bait Aged and blended smooth 100 proof "After over a decade of extensive 'bootlegging' of this bait to coon trappers all across the country, I've decided to finally agree to release this highly effective attractant to the all of you! A great bait for the Lil' Grizz's and Bandit Busters, as well as boxes, buckets, cubbies, pockets, pipes, grass-wads, etc. I've kept this bait as my own 'private reserve' for a decade, and have managed to resist the thousands of dollars in offers for the formula to pour it on the market now!!! Extreme oyster/shellfish odor and flavor. An intoxicating attractant for raccoon, mink, otter, and predators. An economically priced bait that you can afford to use more liberally." - Kellen Not for human consumption. Kaatz Bros.

Kellens Red Label Extreme Predator Bait - 8oz.

Kellen's Red Label Extreme Predator Bait Aged Muskrat Meat Base Ground and Blended Smooth 101 Proof Stands strong against the elements It's finally available!!! A unique odor with a mild skunk undertone makes this bait intoxicating for coyotes, red and gray fox, bobcats, coon, badgers, and bears. An economically priced bait for use at dirtholes, flat sets, buried bait sets, remakes, etc.


Description: A burning intense cherry smell! This golden oil will cloud up in the cold just as genuine Anise Oil will crystalize. Excellent for coon, muskrats, and bear. Another KBL exclusive oil for those that want a non-fish type trailing scent. You won't be disappointed in this one!

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