KB Compound 5.5 Laminated 4x4 Coil Spring Trap #kb55lam

KB Compound 5.5 Laminated 4x4 Coil Spring Trap

Item#: kb55lam

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Introducing our New KB Compound 5.5 by KB mfg. Evolution of the foot trap. A system that applies pressure to the foot as the animal lunges. Special features: Heavy Duty Laminated Offset Jaws. 4 coiled coyote/cat/fox trap. Adjustable pan tension. Nigth latched. Pan adjustable to jaw. Dogless trigger that will fire 99% of the pan area no dead zone. Young and Old can set this trap! Built in shock spring 3 1/2" of travel. Reduces trap stake pumping. Reduces stress on animals & equipment. MB crunch proof swivels. Ruggidly built, stands up to the toughest animals. Notice the compound levers on the bottom of the trap. Patent Pending US & Foreign.

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