Keg Creek Production Trapping DVD 2-Disc Set

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Keg Creek Production Trapping DVD. Basics Two Sets for High Numbers Trapping. 2 Disc Set

This two DVD set is about piling up high numbers of animals in a short period of time using two basic, simple sets in all weather conditions. The animals included are mink, raccoon, coyote, beaver and bobcat. Also included is information about what equipment to use and how to use it.

I have over 40 years of trapping experience while taking trapping lessons from some of the best trappers in the business. Studied under Bud Hall for mink, fox and beaver. Ron Hansen for Raccoon and coyote trapping and bait and lure making. Ron and Harold Clark for coyote and beaver snaring and Craig O'Gorman - two time student on bobcat and coyote trapping.

I have been making Bill Nelson's formula baits and lures since 1985.

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