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First and foremost we would like to say thank you for using our products and helping us to become one the most respected scent manufacturers in the industry. We are committed to providing you revolutionary products that not only work, but are considered the MOST ADVANCED and EFFECTIVE on the market today.

We believe…and know…that our products have stood the test of time and have proven it by their results. You can be assured that when you make a purchase from us, you not only are purchasing a RESULT-PROVEN QUALITY PRODUCT, but a piece of KISHEL’S history. KISHEL’S is a complete quality driven company that specializes in advanced formulated scent stimulates for HUNTERS, TRAPPERS, FISHERMAN, PHOTOGRAPHERS, DOG TRAINERS, ANIMAL DAMAGE CONTROL AGENTS and PREDATOR CALLERS.

Nuisance or ADC Trappers be sure to try Kevin's Wood Chuck and Grubb Essence Skunk Lure!


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