Pocket Trapper Kneeler  #kneelerergo

Pocket Trapper Kneeler

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  • reduce knee trauma and low back stress.
  • provide pain free kneeling which increases productivity.
  • are made of heavy, resilient, closed-cell foam rubber, not plastic.
  • will not compression set.
  • will not absorb liquids.
  • are impervious to petroleum products.
  • are made of thick 1" foam.
  • are self extinguishing and non conductive
  • clean easy. Use soap and water, pressure wash, or steam clean; even most solvents and thinners.
  • are SILICONE FREE. 4"x6"
Designed for severe kneeling conditions like: cold hard steel, concrete, grating, and gravel. Our ErgoKneel® mats are commonly used by: tire stores, utility workers, petroleum production, telecommunication workers, manufacturers, and in home use. Ideal for TRAPPERS
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