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Kosky Enterprises Funny Bumper Stickers

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Kosky Enterprises presents these funny one of a kind bumper stickers. Buy some for yourself or pass them out to your friends and relatives.

Choose from the following:

A) Sure You Can Trust the Government Just Ask an Indian

B) Have a Cellular Phone? Hang the Damned thing Up and Drive

C) Save a Seal Club an Activist

D) Zero to Sixty in 5 1/4 Miles

E) Park your Phone Booth and Try Driving Your Car

F) Bambi Makes Cute Sandwiches

G) Possum, The Other White Meat

H) I'm Happier than a Carp in a Septic Tank

I) When Eating Roadkill Possum Watch Out for 18 Wheelers

J) Caution Stunt Driver

K) If You Think Crime Doesn't Pay Try Farming 

L) I'd Rather Be a Burger Chompin Redneck than a Sod Munchin Vegetarian

M) Kosky's Creamed Possum It's not Just for Breakfast Anymore

N) Help Clean Up Streams Bar-B-Que a Carp

O) Squirrel It's What's For Supper

P) Keep Destroying Our Farmland and We'll All Be Eating Chinese Food

Q) Deer Are Like Eggs They Can Be Poached


S) I'm Happier Than a Fly in an Outhouse

T) Don't Ask! We Gave at the Pump

U) Help Prevent Road Rage Stay the Hell out of my Way

V) I Coon Hunt There For I Lie

W) Warning Never Fart Near an Open Fireplace

X) I'm Not a Hippie - Just a Well Groomed Mountain Man


Z) The Rich Taxpayer Buys Pork Bellies, The Poor Taxpayer Gets Porked.

AA) Timing Is Everything... When You Have Diarrhea

BB) Help Keep Our Roadsides Clean Eat More Possum

CC) Honk If I'm Paying For Your Mortgage


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