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Mike Marsyada's Trapping Lures. "Dependable lures that have Stood the Test of Time". All lures packaged in 1oz. glass bottles.

#100 Red Fox Gland Lure - A high quality robust gland lure that has been aged two years and is second to none.

#101 Red Fox Matrix - A must for the mating season and deadly at a scent  post at any time of the year.

#102 Grey Fox Gland lure - Grey fox glands blended and aged to be irresistible to the grey. Also very good on racoon.

#104 LDC - Loud and very long lasting. Fisher, coyote , marten, cat, fox, and wolf.

#105 All Call - The name says it all.

#200 Coon Gland Lure - Worth its weight in gold during the mating season  and works when no other will. A coon lure supreme.

#201 Coon Foof & Call lure - Attractive all season and good for grey's too!

#203 Shellfish Oil - This lure needs no introduction as one of the nation's leading fur producers. Strong and lasting.

#204 Coon Special - A heavy crawfish base plus othe additives make this lure great for coon, fox and mink.

#300 Muskrat Food & Call - Rat musk and food odors combined to produce a robust, sweet odor that 'rats love.

#301 Muskrat Food lure - A sweet food lure that muskrats will really go for. Also use for coon and beaver.

#400 Mink Gland lure - A thick potent scent extremely effective for mink, otter, cats, fox. Best seller!

#500 Beaver Food Lure - A stout and lasting lure that will reach out and call in beaver. Also very good on coon and 'rats.

#501 Beaver Castor lure - A heavy dose of castor and oil sac blended with other ingredients to produce a real killer on beaver and fox.

#600 Coyote Gland lure - Properly aged and prime coyote glands blended with an uncommonly attractive ingredient to the coyote. Very effective at a scent post or as a secondary attractor when used with bait or a good call lure.

#601 Coyote Supreme - A thick, weather resistant and lasting lure that has a superior attraction to coyotes. Mike's favorite coyote lure.

#700 Bobcat Gland - Effective anywhere bobcats are found.

#900 Otter lure - An otter lure with a track record second to none. Also effective for coons, cats and mink.

#1000 Midnight Mist - Proven exceptional for reds, greys, coyotes, cats, coon, mink, rats and beaver. A call lure that will reach out and get the attention of every animal that gets a little whiff of this fine lure.

Shellfish Bait - 6oz

Coon Bait - 6oz

Dinner Bell Bait - 6oz

Heat Bait - 6oz


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