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At Medicine Hat Lure Co., our baits and lures are compounded from the highest quality ingredients obtainable: our essential oils are pure and uncut; our crystalline materials are personally tinctured on the premises, while our glands and animal parts are cut and handled to the industry's highest standards.

Moreover, our livelihood is dependent on trapping and the development of lures. We don't peddle hardware, traps, snares, stretchers, and the like. Our entire focus at Medicine Hat is on lures and trapping. For thirty years, we have been developing and refining our formulas, first as Mad River Animal Lures in Ohio, and for the past decade, as Medicine Hat Lure Co. in New Mexico. As a result, Medicine Hat Lures and Baits may be used with your confidence that they are world-class attractants that will call the animals they are intended to call.

Red Dog

This is a top-shelf gland lure made the old fashioned way: with plenty of glands, an appropriate measure of urine, and a dab of pure skunk essence to fix and enhance it. Equally effective on both red and grey fox, it is also an excellent early season coyote attractant.


A coyote gland lure made using the same formula as Red Dog, except, of course, using coyote parts. Aged to perfection, this coyote gland is the real deal on fall and winter coyote lines. Plenty of coyote stuff in this one, and it smells like coyote.

Allegheny Fox Call

This lure got its start in the high country of Sublette County, Wyoming, and was later perfected in the hills of Southern Ohio. Allegheny is an all-weather fox lure that is also attractive to coyote, badger, coon, and cat.

45-70 Gov’t

A lure formulated for coyote, fox, bobcat, badger, and raccoon, but also attractive to mountain lion, wolf and fisher. Trappers around the country have proven its efficacy as an all-around predator lure. If I were to choose just one predator lure, it would be 45-70 Gov’t.

Wolf Dog Moon
The formula for this exceptional coyote lure comes courtesy of the US Fish & Wildlife Service's bait box. Although intended for an M-44 application, Wolf Dog Moon is deadly at dirt-hole and flat sets.

Renegade Winter Call

Renegade is the ultimate in a fox and coyote long-distance and/or cold weather call lure. Packed with glands and food ingredients, then spiked with pure skunk essence, this lure calls them in and keeps them working the set. Also attractive to fox and cats.

Lynx Cat Blues

A seductive blend of food, musk, and curiosity ingredients, formulated to not only call cats from longer distances but to hold their interest long enough to find your trap. Excellent on walk-through and rub sets.

Laughing Raven Cat Call

A pungent call lure that withstands rain, snow, cold, wind, and arid conditions. Laughing Raven Cat Call is a top-notch cat lure that produces in any area of the country. Contains authentic oil of cat-nip.

Cat Daddy

An excellent gland/matrix formula that contains synthetic pheromones that really pulls in those males prowling around during mating season. While Cat Daddy is a great mating-time lure, it is effective any time of the year. Very Limited supply.

Dead Coon Walking

This lure is not the usual mix of honey and anise; rather, it is a sophisticated, fruit-based blend of bona fide coon calling ingredients. It is a different kind of lure that works equally well on land, in the water, or in urban nuisance settings.

Coon Pie

A penetrating and long range call lure made of various food, musk, and call agents set in a heavy base that will not freeze or wash out. Many years of testing went into this outstanding coon lure.

Medicine Lodge Creek

The formula for this castor-based beaver lure came from an accomplished Wyoming beaver trapper. A lure that stands up well to cold, wind, and rain; try it just once and you will never go to the beaver ponds without it. Also excellent for cat rub sets.

Tres Ritos

A truly outstanding mink lure that makes mink trapping seem easy. Thick, zesty, and penetrating, this lure evokes an intense reaction in both male and female mink. Your mink boards will stay full using this mink dope.

MH Muskrat Paste

It’s a stone-cold truth that to catch rats in numbers a good lure is needed and we have one. MH Muskrat Paste is a fragrant balance of real rat calling ingredients with many thousands of rats to its credit.
The ancient Mayans called the grey fox “Cat of the Mountains.” Likewise, this lure takes advantage of the grey fox’s cat-like characteristics. It is a combination of food and musk ingredients rounded out with a curiosity kicker that really calls in the greys. Also attractive to bobcats

Fire In The Hole (Bait)

Our unique solution on a fermented cat meat base. This predator bait performs well in all kinds of weather, and is especially valuable as a change-up and in gang settings. May be used with or without additional lure. (I will put this bait up against any in North America and expect it to not only catch more predators but to catch significantly more predators. TBG) $15.00 per Pint


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