Mill Creek Trapping Lures & Bait

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Mill Creek Trapping Lures and Baits.

Boars Blast - Best Raccoon lure. Powerful sweet smell.

Wapsi River - Use for Coon & Mink.

Long Range Predator Call - A hint of skunk in this one for calling power. Use for fox and coyote.

I'm a Logger - Beaver food lure.

Roughneck - Coyote Gland lure.

Candy Apple - Sweet and powerful food lure for muskrats.

Ol' Red Fox Gland - Only thick fresh glands in this one.

Silver Point - Gray Fox Lure

Legend of The Fall

Pleasant Creek Perfection

Coon Whiskey - Our #1 Raccoon Lure!

Old 141

Spring Thaw

Big Tom

Long Ranger

Mill Creek Baits - 8oz.

Midwest's Best Predator Bait - Freeze resistant. Powerful smell. Great in nasty weather. 8oz.

Farmland Favorite - Predator Bait for Fox & Coyote. 8oz.

Duck Creek Delight - Raccoon Bait. 8oz.

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