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***Cherry Red -This is a pure fox gland lure that never goes out of stlye. Fresh preserved glands are mixed with property aged glands with a pinch of urine to produce that "foxy" smell that really slams'em! Especially good early season.

***Fox Frenzy - Not only my favorite. It's also the most reordered lure in my line every season. A thick blend of glands and musk that is truly different. Different and deadly on fox, coyotes, and cats. Use all season

***Songdog Supreme- Pure Coyote gland lure with a special blend of fresh and aged yote glands. It's tough to stop yoddlers in their tracks and bring 'em over but this one will do it.

***Canine Candy - Sweet lure that will draw the canines in to your set.

NEW! Muskrat Frenzy - Drives muskrats crazy. They will be sure to find your sets.


*** Windwalker - A predator food lure with a thick syrupy consistency. For those of you who like a pinch of skunk, it's in here. The seven ingredients used to make this lure are all natural to a predator's diet so there's nothing in this bottle to spook'em effective at all types of sets. Gets better as the temp gets colder. Great on red or grey fox, coyotes, cats, coon, mink and otter.

*** Brown Sugar - I use only the finest grade of mink and muskrat glands in this one. I use them fresh and full of drawing power, adding other ingredients to formulate a lure designed for ever the slippery bucks. Excellent otter lure and as a change up lure on the canine trapline.

***Flattail Freenzy - This is not plain castor paste, but rather a liquid lure containing castor, oils and highly alluring musks designed to increase success rates at all baits sets. When you place a drop on the water, it actually swirls and dances it heads off downstream looking flattails.

***Primetime Coon - For those who like a food based coon lure, this one should be in your pouch. Extremely permeating musks plus shellfish essence as a kicker. This is the most versatile lure I make as it can be used by trappers for fox, coyote, mink and bobcat.

***Ridgerunner Coon - This lure is the super sweet partner to Primetime Coon, strong and minty aroma. This one really dissipates and works on those muggy, foggy nights. Our muskrat lure also.

*** Shell-Fire - There aren't many products that even compare with this fine oil when it comes to pure calling power for canines, cats, coon, mink, otter, fisher, marten and even muskrats. Pure, uncut oil with an additive for extra punch.

***Smokey Post Lure - My “Ace-in-the-hole” lure to juice up urine posts for maximum results.

Predator control agents report that canines readily approach in all kinds of weather... hot to cold. We render several agents in a lengthy process that assures a consistent canine lure requiring only a number of drops: warm weather 4-6 drops... cooler weather 6-10 drops.

A true change up canine lure on any trap line, keeps urine posts fresh. Smokey Post is my #2 catcher overall on my canine line!


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