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Nicely's Original Trapping Lures

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Nicely's Original Trapping Lures. These are Don Nicely's original formulas. Lures available in 1oz or 4oz glass bottle.

Red Surrender - Red Fox Gland.

Salt and Pepper - Grey Fox Gland.

Sweet Success - Predator  early season. For those October days when predators won't react to normal lures.

Digger Getter - Predator late season. Basically and all seasoned coyote lure, but when the weather is cold it really brings in the fox.

Quachita Call - Predator Long Distance Call. Very Strong!

Mellow Magic - Predator curiosity lure. Great at dirt holes, really makes them dig.

Harsh One (Wonder) - Predator curiosity (late). Strong musky predator lure.

The Master - Good on coyote, coon, red and grey fox. Very different. Curiosity lure.

Devil Eyes - Coyote glands. A blend of pure yote glands.

Nine Lives - Bobcat glands. Best when used around January and February. Also good on reds and greys.

Predatoress - Predator LDC lure. This one comes out at you when you crack the lid.  Use at set for cats and fisher.

Little Grizzly - Raccoon food and call lure. Blend of a coons natural food.

Blue La'Coon - Coon long distance call. Suprislingly catches coon in the coldest  weather, use anytime of the year.

Bank Runner - Mink curisosity. Also attractive to canines.

Chisel Tooth - This beaver lure is put up in a base that will stay  when the weather gets tough.

Big Fishy Lure - Liquid Coon & Mink lure - 4oz

150 Chunk Bait - All Canines 8oz. Use this one to increase  all your catch.

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