Jameson Peaches & Cream Universal Gel Bait

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(Universal Gel Bait) This piecing sweet bait is proving to be the most effective multi-species bait offered in the industry.It is extremely attractive to a variety of animals including canines,woodchuck,skunk,opossum,squirrels and coon. The obvious aroma of ripen peaches with a soft side odor of sweet vanilla cream is a most appealing attractive fragrance. Everything comes to this bait and it is edible for animal consumption. So it makes a great pre bait product if needed to be used in such a fashion.This bait is an excellent primary bait choice for all nuisance wildlife animals and for all urban trapping applications.In hundreds of field applications across the country "Peaches & Cream" has out performed many other baits 2-1 as a result of its extremely enticing aroma.This is a must have bait for any serious ADC operator....
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