Professional Fur Handling 4 Disc Set DVD #pfh4ds11

Professional Fur Handling 4 Disc Set DVD

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Professional Fur Handling 4 Disc Set. DVD. Proven techniques for preparing North American wild furs for market.

It's important for beginners to learn and practice proper field techniques to become responsible trappers. After the catch, it's just as important to know the right techniques in the fur shed because proper fur handling is the key to earning higher rewards and insuring the best use of the resource.

Three knowledgable teachers demonstrate the professional practices you need to know. Rich Tischaefer, lifetime member of the National Trappers Association is and experienced trapper education instructor. Greg Schroeder, fur handler at North American Fur Auctions, has conducted fur handling demonstrations throughout the United States and Canada. Brian MacMillan, and experienced fur grader, tells us about grading pelts.

4 Disc Set Includes:

-Wetland Disc 1: Beaver and Otter

-Wetland Disc 2: Muskrat and Mink

- Upland Disc 1: Raccoon, Fisher, Marten and Bobcat

-Upland Disc 2: Fox, Coyote, Opossum and Skunk

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