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Professional Predator Trapping

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The original Tom Miranda Pro Trapping videos. Digitally remastered, these classic instructional programs will teach you longlining tactics that will help you become a better trapper.

Join ESPN hunting Pro Tom Miranda along with Trappers Mark June and Bernie Barringer for an in-depth look at Predator Trapping techniques for Fox, Coyote and Bobcat. This program is 'The Original' Trapper and Predator Caller "Progessionals of Predator Trapping" video. A complete Predator trapping course (60 minutes)

Join ESPN hunting Pro Tom Miranda as he takes you through this Pro Predator Trapping course. This program is 'The Original' Predator Trapping video made by Tom on his South Dakota Trapline in 1984. See Tom's trapline map and fly his trapline. See set location like no other Predator trapping Video. Learn Tom's "Walk thru" set in detail. (105 minutes)
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