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Professional Grade Trapping Lures developed, compounded and bottled by Russ Carman. "Made for trappers who understand the value of great lures."

You will find Carman's Lure on traplines all across North America. They are used by many of the most successful trappers of this and any other era of trapping history. They set the standard by which other lures are judged - a standard never equaled until now.

Circle Maker - (Fox, Coyote, Bobcat Lure). One of the finest fox trappers in the world helped me test this lure with great success for two years, and after the first year ordered a full gallon for his own use. A deadly lure with a far reaching attraction that pulls them from the greatest distance, but also holds their interest at the set until caught. Years of lure making experience has gone into the developement of this great lure. None better.

Application - This lure can be used with equal confidence on red & grey fox, coyotes and bobcats. Best used alone without bait. Good at any time of the season and at any type set. Use a light smear of lure the size of a pea during warm weather - double that when the weather drops into the teens. Replenish the lure, using the same quantity, every five days or after heavy rains. Can be used with bait at fisher and martin sets and is possibly the most deadly lure for these animals ever poured into a bottle.

Musk Formula - (Fox, Coyote Lure). The attraction this lure holds to canines is nothing short of amazing. Its mild, sweet and fragrant "musky" odor will make them "work" the set until caught. This is the lure you want to use if you want to take the maximum number of grey fox. A wide departure from any lure I've made before and contains the most rare, costly and valuable musk ever discovered.

Lurmax - (Fox, Coyote, Bobcat Lure). A heavy, oily type lure with a very durable odor that holds up well in hot or cold, wet or dry conditions. Has a heavy odor that floats down close to the ground, laying down a scent trail that animals will follow for considerable distance. Has subtle, underlying odors that animals will take considerable time investigating. Really makes fox and coyotes slobber and dig.

Urine "Spike" - By adding a 2oz. bottle of URINE SPIKE to a half gallon of good quality red fox urine you create one of the most deadly fox and coyote lure ever made. Quick and easy to use on the trapline - just squirt a shot of spiked urine into the bottom of the dirt hole, on a scent post or flat set, and you're on your way. No additional lure or bait needed. Deadly to the max. Can also be used straight with good results but is made especially for mixing with urine.

Red Fox Gland Lure - There are many tricks to making good gland lure and most modern lure makers don't have a clue. As a result many trappers don't evern consider using gland lures on their fox lines despite their high value. A great all season lure. Has a deep, rich, odor that will really "fox" a set. Used by some of the best trappers in the country.

Bobcat Gland Lure - Bobcats are more susceptible to a good gland lure than any other animal. This lure is sure to become famous across the nation as the most deadly bobcat gland lure ever poured into a bottle. There is a real secret to making good cat gland lure and you get the benefit of that secret every time you buy a bottle of this great lure. None better.

Nocturnal  (Raccoon Lure) - If you want to use lures that are made of a mixture of pressed or sun rendered fish oils, shell fish essence, clam oil, etc. then buy your lures from almost any other lure dealer. I consider such ingredients to be to baits - not lure - and a good chunk of fresh fish will serve just as good. This is a true lure with a blend of high prices glands and musks unlike anything you've ever tried before. Has a long lasting, fragrant odor that will really reach out and call coon to your sets. Sure to become a favorite of coon trappers all across the country.

Snake Creek (Mink Lure) - I've experimented with mink lures for years and feel that this is the best mink lure I've ever found. Although there is seldom a need to attract mink very far the powerful odor of this lure will pull them from the maximum distance. Filled with valuable glands and musks that will really turn those mink into your sets.

Muskrat Lure - A good mink lure is not designed to increase your catch. The real trick to muskrat trapping is to clean an area of the cream as quick as possible and move on. That is how big muskrat catches are made. This lure will help you do just that. This lure will catch and hold the interest of every passing muskrat. A valuable and deadly rat lure. Remember always try to place muskrat lure close to the water level!

Beaver Lure - Most beaver lures on the market today are little more than beaver castor with some plant extract added - you can make those kind of lures. This is a real beaver lure. Contains beaver castor and oil sacks with added ingredients used by no other lure makers. Ingredients that give this lure a farther reaching and more deadly odor than any other lure on the market today. For the serious open water beaver trapper.







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