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Renno's Trapping Baits made by Pro Trapper Leroy Renno.

Trapping Bait:

Veri Beri - Specialty Raccoon Bait for DP traps. 8oz.

ROUNDUP - All season Raccoon Bait formulated especially for DP traps. 8oz.

Black Raider - Specialty Raccoon Bait for DP traps. Mild fish odor with other ingredients. 8oz.

Eliminator - Use for Fox & Coyote. 16oz. bottle with squirt top. Similiar to Carman's Pro Mix.

Trapping Lures: 1oz. Bottles

Red Fox Gland - All Season Matrix red fox lure.

Whisperfoot - Red and Grey Fox lure.

Autumn Wind - Use for Red & Grey fox. Will also work for raccoon.

Magic Touch - Fox, Coyote and Bobcat combo lure.

Predator Man I - Fox, Coyote & Bobcat.

Predator Man II - Use on canines, cats and coon.

Coyote Gland - Will attract in all yotes in the area.

Bobcat Gland - Only best glands used in this one.

Marsh Rat - Muskrat Food lure.

Sweet Treat - Muskrat  and Raccoon call lure.

Moonlight Bandit - Raccoon food type lure.

Bucks Fate - Mink food/gland call lure.




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