Running Hard with The Grizz DVD #rhtg08

Running Hard with The Grizz DVD

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Mark Steck's "Running Hard with the Grizz" Video lets you follow pro trapper Mark Steck on his South Dakota coon line as he nails 61 coons in one check using the Lil' Grizz Get'rz.  This is a swift moving, fast paced video that exposes the viewer to a futuristic coon trapping system second to none.  Quick and easy without many of the physical demands of old school methods.  Lots of action, including night vision footage of coons working sets.  This 2 hour video features:

  • Learn detailed Lil' Grizz techniques
  • See first hand longline trapping concepts
  • Witness coon locations that keep producing long into the fall
  • See remakes done in 35 seconds
  • See a preset system that allows 250-300 sets opening day
  • Watch night vision of coons working Grizz's
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